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I’m an independent IT consultant and entrepreneur in the Internet and software business. I’m interested in design, enterprise applications, web apps and SaaS products. I design and develop business solutions and applications. I help companies in terms of software quality and knowledge transfer, e.g. with Angular and Spring Boot.

REST next level: Crafting domain-driven web APIs by Julien Topçu @ Spring I/O 2023

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Ruby on Rails: The Documentary

Ruby on Rails has one of the most faithful communities online, it also has one of the most controversial, rabble-rousing creators out there, Danish programmer, David Heinemeier Hansson. Widely known as DHH, David tells us how Rails went from a crazy idea to one of the most talked-about full-stack frameworks over the course of 20 years. Given that Ruby on Rails has been hugely influential and seminal in the software development industry for the last two decades, not least by inspiring ... Read more

Modern Web App Design Patterns:

After last week's post on The Modern JavaScript Tutorial, a comprehensive guide to modern JavaScript, as something of a follow-up, today I'd like to introduce you to (previously known as "Modern Web App Design Patterns"), an ebook on "design patterns and component patterns for building powerful web apps with vanilla JavaScript and React". The authors of provide design patterns and tips on how to improve the architecture of your web apps. follows a descriptive rather than prescriptive approach in ... Read more

The Modern JavaScript Tutorial

The Modern JavaScript Tutorial is a comprehensive guide to - well - modern JavaScript. Regularly updated and available both for free online (under a CC-BY-NC licence) and as an ebook, this tutorial introduces the reader to JavaScript as it is (or should be) written today. From JavaScript basics to object orientation, data types, functional programming and asynchronous behaviour, it covers everything the prospective JavaScript developer needs to know about writing high-quality, maintainable JavaScript code according to best practices. Read more

OpenCost – Open Source Cost Monitoring for Cloud Environments

Some time ago, I recommended Vantage as a unified AWS cost tracking tool. As an - also cloud vendor-neutral - cost monitoring tool, with OpenCost there now is an open source solution for this use case as well. Instead of relying on a third-party service, OpenCost allows you to run your own cost monitoring service in your Kubernetes cluster, which might be a useful alternative, especially for enterprise environments where Kubernetes experience and DevOps resources are often readily available. Read more

Rapid server side full stack web development with ViewComponents and htmx by Thomas Schuehly @ Spring I/O 2023

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Preparing web applications for Loom by Mark Thomas @ Spring I/O 2023

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Spring I/O 2023 – Keynote

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Cassie Evans – Animating the Impossible @ btconf Düsseldorf 2023

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Michelle Barker – Modern CSS Layout is Awesome! @ btconf Düsseldorf 2023

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