Hands-on Angular Training

Hands-on Angular Training

Angular is a widely used front-end web application framework that particularly lends itself to the development of enterprise business applications.

While there’s no lack of Angular resources and courses questions and problems with a new technology often only arise when actually using that technology in a real-world project or for your everyday work.

These questions for the most part can’t be addressed by generic courses and resources, especially if they concern company- or environment-specific requirements.

I help companies with the introduction of and the transition to new technologies. Through my in-depth experience with Angular in various industries and business settings I’m able to answer these questions.

I have a great deal of experience with both formal technology training and coaching developers in how to use new technologies for their everyday work. I’ve already helped quite a few clients by providing hands-on Angular training, which allowed their developers to quickly get up to speed with this technology and use it proficiently for their respective work.


Björn Wilmsmann provides advice to our clients regarding design and development of business applications based on Angular and Spring Boot. He develops complex enterprise software and helps with the introduction of new technologies. Björn Wilmsmann is a dependable and capable software development expert.
Michael Esch, Managing Director - esklusiv GmbH
Björn Wilmsmann has helped us a lot with the development of the next version of our software product. He trained our development team in new technologies. His expertise in AngularJS, JavaScript and Java was a huge help to us.
Tobias Hefele, mps public solutions GmbH

You’ll benefit from my Hands-on Angular Training package regarding both quick solutions for problems at hand and best practices for continued, sustainable software development.

My Hands-on Angular Training package will answer questions like:

  • Does our current architecture suit our business requirements? What can we do to improve our architecture?
  • How should we structure new Angular applications? Where should we put specific Angular code artefacts such as directives or pipes?
  • How can we efficiently refactor existing Angular applications to make future development easier and more sustainable?
  • What are current best practices for automated testing with Angular? How can we implement a test-driven development (TDD) process with Angular and ensure our business requirements are met?
  • How can we implement secure and reliable authentication and authorisation with Angular?
  • What are best practices for accessing REST resources with Angular?
  • What are different ways of passing messages within an Angular application?
  • Which one is most suitable for our business requirements?

My Hands-on Angular Training package includes:

  • A business and requirements assessment session: Understanding the industry and product requirements. Where does your company come from? What’s the technology and business background of your developers and product designers?
  • 4 days of hands-on training, where I help your developers improve their Angular skills by solving real-world problems together and providing suggestions on how to apply best practices.
  • 10 hours of on-demand assistance
  • Access to my library of best practices and solutions for Angular

About me
I’m an independent IT consultant. For more than 10 years now I’ve been developing web applications and enterprise software for a variety of clients. I help companies in terms of software quality and knowledge transfer: Testing (both on the front-end using tools like Protractor and on the back-end with frameworks like JUnit and Mockito), continuous deployment, improving collaboration within teams, training developers regarding best practices and adopting new technologies.

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