Software Quality Audit

Software Quality Audit

Software quality is essential to your product’s long-term viability. Software quality is a complex subject. It involves the code itself and automated testing but also best practices, continuous delivery and feedback mechanisms.

I offer audits of Java and JavaScript software and the process by which that software is created. I’ll not only give you advice as to what can be improved immediately but also make suggestions regarding how to ensure your software and your software creation process will continue to improve and adapt in the future.


Björn Wilmsmann was a tremendous help with implementing software testing best practices, designing and realising APIs and the introduction of new technologies. His in-depth knowledge in terms of software quality and software architecture had a lasting positive impact on our software and our software delivery processes.
Guido Brackelsberg, Managing Director - Setlog GmbH
Björn Wilmsmann has helped us a lot with the development of the next version of our software product. He trained our development team in new technologies. His expertise in AngularJS, JavaScript and Java was a huge help to us.
Tobias Hefele, mps public solutions GmbH

You’ll benefit from my software quality audit both in terms of short-term fixes and long-term, continuous improvements.

The audit will answer questions like:

  • Does your software help customers accomplish their jobs-to-be-done?
  • Is your software resilient and fault-tolerant?
  • Does your software help your business to adapt quickly to the market?

The software quality audit works like this:

  • I get access to your Java / JavaScript codebase and your build system. I spend a day examining your software and your software quality process (continuous integration and automated testing).
  • I compile a document, which will include assessments of

    • the current level of software quality
    • the testability of the software
    • the quantity and quality of automated testing
    • hot spots: error-prone and critical code pieces
    • the tooling and continuous integration process

    as well as recommendations and suggestions for how to improve in each of these areas.

  • After you’ve received and digested the document we’ll have a 1-hour chat about what I found and during which I’ll try and answer any questions you might have.

About me
I’m an independent IT consultant. For more than 10 years now I’ve been developing web applications and enterprise software for a variety of clients. I help companies in terms of software quality and knowledge transfer: Testing (both on the front-end using tools like Protractor and on the back-end with frameworks like JUnit and Mockito), continuous deployment, improving collaboration within teams, training developers regarding best practices and adopting new technologies.

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