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My name is Björn Wilmsmann. I’m an independent IT consultant, trainer, and author. I design and develop business solutions, enterprise applications, and web apps.

Turning every business into a digital business.

“Every business will become a software business.”- Satya Nadella, Microsoft

Every industry nowadays leverages and relies on information technology. Every business can and has to harness software and digital processes in order to become more flexible and consistently create value for its customers.

Analysing processes

Making data available via APIs

Automating processes with software and tools.

“The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed.” – William Gibson

I help businesses with

  • technology choices and make-or-buy decisions
  • software quality and adoption of best practices
  • improving availability of and access to information through APIs
  • knowledge transfer, e.g. with regard to Angular, Spring Boot, and AWS.

Generally, I provide my services remotely and in these metropolitan areas and cities: Rhine-Ruhr, Ruhr, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Amsterdam, Berlin, Koblenz, Frankfurt, Essen, Bochum, Dortmund, Duisburg, Oberhausen.


Software Development

Bespoke software. Software customization. Software consulting.

Business Solutions

Ready-made solutions to business problems. Business consulting.


UX / UI design. Usability. Software design.

Hands-on Angular Training

Training developers in how to use new technologies for their everyday work.

Software Quality Audit

Ensuring your product’s long-term viability.


A cross-section of my work.

Stratospheric eBook


As co-author of STRATOSPHERIC, we contacted Björn Wilmsmann and were able to win him as a valuable consultant for our project in the area of Cloud, Spring and microservices. Björn advises us on architecture decisions, sheds light on solution approaches, conducts architecture and design reviews and serves as a sparring partner for our architects and developers. Björn accompanies the further development of our development team in the above-mentioned areas through customized workshop formats. His deep and broad knowledge especially in Java/Spring as well as software architecture and software design leaves no questions unanswered and has enabled our team to contribute to the project within a very short time.
Jens Dalmus, VNR Verlag für die Deutsche Wirtschaft AG
Björn Wilmsmann gave us advice on the migration of several Angular applications from Angular 7 and PrimeNG 7 to version 12 of these frameworks. The guidelines and best practices he presented, as well as the solutions we worked out together for actual problems in our projects, enabled us to quickly implement the requisite changes.
Daniel Tschorn, M.S.E. Microcomputer Systeme
Björn Wilmsmann hat uns bei der Einführung von diversen Softwarelösungen beraten. Durch seine Unterstützung konnten wir zügig und problemlos auf neue Software zur Kollaboration umstellen und schnell produktiv werden.
Dr. Frederik Hümmeke, VANTISGO Gruppe
Björn Wilmsmann provides advice to our clients regarding design and development of business applications based on Angular and Spring Boot. He develops complex enterprise software and helps with the introduction of new technologies. Björn Wilmsmann is a dependable and capable software development expert.
Michael Esch, Managing Director - esklusiv GmbH
Die thematisch strukturierte Schulung zu PrimeNG und CSS hat Björn Wilmsmann mit vielen Übungen und praktischen Beispielen gestaltet. Das gemeinsame Erarbeiten von Lösungen hat uns weitergebracht. Er ist ein sehr souveräner Trainer und ist spontan auf unsere Wünsche und Fragen eingegangen.
Björn Wilmsmann was a tremendous help with implementing software testing best practices, designing and realising APIs and the introduction of new technologies. His in-depth knowledge in terms of software quality and software architecture had a lasting positive impact on our software and our software delivery processes.
Guido Brackelsberg, Managing Director - Setlog GmbH
Björn Wilmsmann has helped us a lot with the development of the next version of our software product. He trained our development team in new technologies. His expertise in AngularJS, JavaScript and Java was a huge help to us.
Tobias Hefele, mps public solutions GmbH
Björn Wilmsmann designs and implements search services based on Elasticsearch and Solr for us. His problem solving skills and his expertise in enterprise applications help us enormously.
Christoph Klose, it-motive AG
Björn Wilmsmann created a funding calculation module for an environmental project competition. The module works flawlessly and was easy to integrate into our application.
Simone Streppelhoff - vE&K digital GmbH & Co. KG
Björn Wilmsmann helps our clients with developing web applications based on AngularJS and Java. He creates complex business applications and coaches development teams regarding the introduction of new web technologies. His experience in implementing user-friendly software and his knowledge transfer skills are a huge help to our clients.
Panagiotis Mentis, Sales Manager - Etengo (Deutschland) AG
Björn Wilmsmann developed an AngularJS shell and lazy-loading router for us that serves as a pivotal component in our application architecture. We could rely on his expertise regarding AngularJS, JavaScript and TypeScript.
Alexander Werle, CGM Software GmbH
Björn Wilmsmann is a highly skilled and valued professional. He excels in taking a challenge and concluding it in a timely and efficient manner. He is very knowledgable about advanced cloud technologies and made valuable contributions to our microservice platform.
foryouandyourcustomers Düsseldorf GmbH
Björn Wilmsmann developed complex enterprise applications based on Java EE and JavaScript for one of our clients from the finance industry. With his experience and his proactive approach he helped advance the project.
Thomas Kondring, Managing Director - IKS GmbH
Björn Wilmsmann implemented a high performance web-based business intelligence application for us that deals with complex analyses and data visualisation. He’s a dependable and capable software and user experience design expert.
Oliver Kuschel, CEO - ConSource AG
Björn Wilmsmann helped us tremendously with designing and implementing our new WordPress-based website. His ongoing support allows me to better approach my customers on the web and acquire new customers, too.
Ron Raida, Zeitgeist Tattoo

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If you’d like to discuss an interesting idea or if you face a challenge regarding a business application or a business process please feel free to contact me.