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I’m an independent IT consultant and entrepreneur in the Internet and software business. I’m interested in design, enterprise applications, web apps and SaaS products. I design and develop business solutions and applications. I help companies in terms of software quality and knowledge transfer, e.g. with Angular and Spring Boot.

Spring Boot 3 Is Now Available

This week, with Spring Boot 3.0, the long awaited next iteration of Spring Boot has been released. With Spring Boot 3 having been 12 months in the making, GraalVM native image support, which among other aspects allows for much faster application startup times, probably has been the most highly anticipated feature of this next step for Spring Boot. Further new Spring Boot features comprise: a Java 17 baseline improved observability support for Jakarta EE 10 with an EE 9 baseline You can have a look at the ... Read more

A Curated List of Awesome Resources for the Spring Framework Ecosystem

Software engineer and author ("Cloud Native Spring in Action") Thomas Vitale has been curating this "list of awesome books, tutorials, courses, and resources for the Spring framework ecosystem" for two years now. That list contains mostly educational resources such as books, courses, and blogs as well as Spring-related podcasts. Read more

Stratospheric Online Course Early-Bird Batch #3

This week, we've published the next iteration of the Stratospheric online course. With that release, we've closed our early-bird batch #2 and opened the second to last batch. These are the new videos for this release: Part I: Deploying with AWS Getting Started with CDK CDK Best Practices Part II: Spring Boot & AWS Building User Registration and Login with Amazon Cognito Part I Building User Registration and Login with Amazon Cognito Part II Building User Registration and Login with Amazon Cognito Part III Part III: Production Readiness with AWS Creating ... Read more

Thoughts about layered architecture – Mapping efficiently with SQL by Tim Zöller @ Spring I/O 2022

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Problem Spring Web: A Library for Handling Problems in Spring Web MVC

Problem Spring Web is an implementation of the proposed application/problem+json HTTP API problem details response for Spring Web (im both its MVC and WebFlux flavours). Error responses should be a first-class citizen when it comes to providing REST APIs. These responses often are generated in an ad-hoc, non-standardised fashion, which not only makes handling such responses more difficult and tedious in client applications but also makes for less maintainable software in the back-end software providing the API. Problem Spring Web attempts to ... Read more

Spring Framework 6: Infrastructure Themes by Juergen Hoeller @ Spring I/O 2022

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Stratospheric 1.9 Release 🥳

This week, we released version 1.9 of Stratospheric - From Zero to Production with Spring Boot and AWS. With our current Stratospheric online course recording efforts, we added a ready-to-use blueprint for an operational Amazon CloudWatch dashboard for our Spring Boot application. Furthermore, we fixed some inconsistencies in our manuscript. Finally, as our complementary online course is making good progress, we now refer to it as part of the introduction and outro. You can read more about the new release in this blog post on ... Read more

Let’s build components, not layers by Tom Hombergs @ Spring I/O 2022

At Spring I/O 2022, Tom Hombergs, another fellow co-author of "Stratospheric - From Zero to Production with Spring Boot and AWS", explored the subject of how to design the architecture of an application to make it both accessible and composable: Read more

Modular Applications with Spring by Oliver Drotbohm and Michael Plöd @ Spring I/O 2022

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What’s new in Spring Cloud? – Olga Maciaszek-Sharma and Oleg Zhurakousky @ Spring I/O 2022

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