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This week, with Spring Boot 3.0, the long awaited next iteration of Spring Boot has been released.

With Spring Boot 3 having been 12 months in the making, GraalVM native image support, which among other aspects allows for much faster application startup times, probably has been the most highly anticipated feature of this next step for Spring Boot.

Further new Spring Boot features comprise:

  • a Java 17 baseline
  • improved observability
  • support for Jakarta EE 10 with an EE 9 baseline

You can have a look at the Spring Boot 3.0 release notes for a complete overview, including an extensive Spring Boot 3.0 migration guide.

I’m very much looking forward to using this new version of Spring Boot. So far, the upgrade and migration experience for existing applications has been a breeze. For example, I’ve already updated my own MailTrigger tool for asynchronously sending emails using an HTTP API.

As for the sample Todo application for our ebook “Stratospheric – From Zero to Production with Spring Boot and AWS“, we’re currently still waiting for a few remaining dependency updates regarding AWS-related functionality but other than that our sample application has already been updated to Spring Boot 3 as well.

If you have any questions, ideas, or suggestions regarding Spring Boot 3, migrating existing applications to this new version, or just Spring Boot in general, please get in touch.

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