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This week, we released version 1.6 of Stratospheric – From Zero to Production with Spring Boot and AWS.

The main reason behind this release is that we somehow entirely missed talking about an important topic: Bootstrapping an AWS environment for the AWS CDK.

You may have already run into this issue when trying to deploy one of our AWS CDK stacks:

Has the environment been bootstrapped? Please run 'cdk bootstrap'

We’ve now added a dedicated section on the AWS environment bootstrapping and explained the why & how.

In short, with the revision v1.6 of Stratospheric, we changed the following:

  • added a new section on bootstrapping an AWS environment (thanks to a – now anonymous – GitHub user for reporting this)
  • added the required policies for the technical GitHub Actions user to the appendix
  • improved the CI/CD chapter to help with more easily locating the corresponding GitHub Actions files (thanks to stevenschewenke for reporting this)
  • migrated to PostgreSQL 12.9

You can always get the latest version of Stratospheric at Leanpub.

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