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After a minor update last month, which was largely about migrating to Spring Cloud AWS 2.3.2 and various configuration improvements, Tuesday we released a major update of Stratospheric – From Zero to Production with Spring Boot and AWS!

Apart from general housekeeping efforts, revision 1.3 of the ebook contains these major improvements:

A consistent SSL and (optional) custom domain setup: The previous order in which we introduced various infrastructure components caused problems with duplicate HTTP listeners in our ELB configuration and an SSL certificate being required by services introduced in the book before we actually talk about creating such an SSL certificate.

To fix these issues, we’ve now moved the chapter about creating an SSL certificate and adding an optional custom domain to the end of part I. We’ve also made the SSL certificate optional during the initial deployment of the network infrastructure and we split the DomainStack into two stacks (CertificateStack and DomainStack). This decouples the concerns of assigning a domain and creating a certificate, which in turn allows for an incremental process with the required components only being added if and when needed.

We’ve updated the deployment guide accordingly, too.

In lieu of hardcoded variables in our CDK scripts, we now pass those as context via the CDK project’s cdk.json configuration file. Not only does this make the CDK scripts more maintainable, but it also allows you to override default parameters (e.g., depending on the environment) if need be.

In our continuous deployment pipeline we use Amazon SQS and AWS Lambda for queuing multiple concurrent builds. However, as GitHub user rasmuslund made us aware of, GitHub Actions natively supports concurrency. We’ve added a note about this – much simpler – approach.

Many thanks to GitHub users lealceldeiro, rasmuslund, stevenschwenke, ekimike, and rezacomplete, who contributed feedback, ideas and suggestions, as well as bug reports. Their help and the participation of our reader community in general is very much appreciated!

You can always get the latest version of Stratospheric at Leanpub.

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