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Last week, we released the fourth version of of our eBook “Stratospheric – From Zero to Production with Spring Boot and AWS“! Again, about two months have passed since the last release in February 2021. We hope that you like the new content we’ve been working on during that time.

These are the new chapters you’ll get with the latest update:

  • Building a Continuous Deployment Pipeline: Software delivery performance is highly correlated with organizational performance, so we’ll want to deploy often. That means we don’t want to trigger a deployment manually but instead implement a continuous deployment pipeline that pushes each change into production as quickly as possible. In this chapter, we’ll create self-serve workflows that we can use to spin up a whole new application environment as well as create a continuous deployment workflow.
  • Sharing Todos with AWS SQS and AWS SES: When using web applications, we often want to collaborate with others. The upcoming feature allows a Todo owner to share their task with other users of our Todo application. The invited person will receive an email to confirm the collaboration. Technically speaking, we’ll leverage and integrate AWS SQS (Simple Queue Service) and AWS SES (Simple Email Service) for this feature.
  • Push Notifications with Amazon MQ: Building upon the sharing feature from the chapter mentioned above, we’ll explore how to notify others about changes. This is where push notifications come into play. In this chapter, we’ll consider the benefits, ins-and-outs, and strategies of push notifications and the required AWS infrastructure for implementing those. We’ll have a look at the publish-subscribe messaging pattern and how to implement it in the context of web applications by using the WebSocket protocol.

Clocking in at 332 pages Stratospheric now is at 80 percent completion. The new suggested price is $35.

You can get your copy of the book at Leanpub.

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