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Maven is a popular build tool for Java projects. It allows developers to easily manage dependencies, build and test their code, and package it for distribution. However, one downside of Maven is that it can be slow to start up, especially on large projects. This is where the Maven Daemon, or mvnd, comes in.

mvnd is a tool that allows Maven to run in the background as a daemon process, rather than as a one-off command. This means that when you run a Maven command, it doesn’t need to start up a new process and load all of the dependencies from scratch. Instead, it can reuse the existing process, which can significantly speed up build times.

For example, instead of

with mvnd you would run the following command

This will transparent start the mvnd daemon in the background and run the requested Maven command as usual, but with the added benefit of faster startup times upon subsequent runs.

mvnd is a useful tool for improving the performance of Maven builds, particularly if you find yourself running the same Maven command multiple times in a row. By keeping the Maven process running in the background, mvnd allows you to avoid the overhead of starting up a new process each time.

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