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Some time ago I wrote about a process called “blogumentation“: Derived from the insight that arguably the best way to learn something and to internalise knowledge is to write about it and to try and explain that knowledge to others, blogumentation essentially means writing about a subject matter (e.g. a solution to a particular programming problem or a new practice you’ve just learned about) that you consider worth documenting and publishing the result.

It means that instead of documenting something just for yourself, your team or your company you publish it for both future reference and for others to benefit from as well. If you consider something worth documenting, chances are, others might find that information useful, too.

One of those might even be your future self. When searching for the solution to software development problems on at least two occasions I came across a solution I had blogumented months before!

So, blogumentation is as relevant as ever, which is why in doubling down on applying this process and making it just a tad more visible I recently registered the domain to redirect to the articles on this blog tagged as “blogumentation.

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