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I’m not sure if he actually came up with the term ‘blogumentation’ but software quality engineer Jamie Tanna features quite prominently when searching for it so at the very least he appears to be one of its more avid and deliberate users.

Anyway, while the term ‘blogumentation’ might be somewhat obscure the concept behind this particular portmanteau is a seminal one. Basically, it derives from the insight that often the best way to learn and internalise knowledge is to talk, write and – most importantly – teach about it. Learning something for yourself is only a first step in becoming proficient in any particular area. You then need to constantly apply newly gained knowledge and – when you feel you’re sufficiently capable – pass that knowledge on and educate others in order to fully grasp what you’ve learned.

Blogumentation is one approach to do this. It means that in lieu of documenting something privately for yourself, your team or your company you publish it for both future reference and for others to benefit from as well. Chances are that because it’s public you’ll put in a little more effort to make it more readable and comprehensible.

I’ve been using this approach somewhat subconsciously for some time now but since I really like the concept I’ll try and make this a deliberate practice from now own.

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