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CodeStream is a code review tool that allows you to conduct such reviews right in your IDE, i.e. without changing context.

According to their master plan CodeStream is supposed to

  • “Provide the ability to talk about any block of code, on any branch, in any state […]”
  • “Eliminate context switching costs […]”
  • “Treat codeblocks as a first-class object […]”

in order to allow developers, both new and senior ones, to quickly get up to speed with an existing codebase and to collaborate and draw upon each other’s expertise.

The underlying idea of a “knowledge base behind your codebase” and augmenting code with relevant discussions and comments is an intriguing and seminal one. More often than not, source code is treated as the product while in fact code is the design and blueprint that creates the actual product (hence the name production environment …).

Treating code, code reviews, and the plethora of implicit knowledge contained in these artefacts as first-class citizens and not just an afterthought therefore is an obvious, cogent next step for software development and the establishment and dissemination of best practices.

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