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Continuing on last week’s subject of better collaboration and knowledge sharing in software development (with CodeStream, in that case) I’d like to share GitLive – a new, promising tool I’ve come across.

GitLive allows you and your fellow team members to collaborate on code in real time right in your IDE thereby turning it “into a collaborative space”.

What I’ve seen so far looks intriguing. I think that we’ll be moving into that direction more rapidly and that we’ll see more tools of that kind.

Collaboration in software development is a strangely overlooked area, which is especially weird because software development lends itself to more immediate, direct-feedback type of processes more than probably many other kinds of work.

While software development collaboration tools have existed for a long time, mostly coming in flavours such as source code management and bug trackers, even services such as GitHub that allow for a more collaborative experience, in terms of the overall timeline of software development practices can only be considered a more recent development.

Hence, in my opinion there’s still ample opportunity in this space to innovate and improve upon existing tools and processes.

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