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RESTful service testing can be unwieldy and difficult to get started with. Providing a REST API implies using a variety of technologies and techniques such as HTTP, JSON, authentication, various payload transfer mechanisms and content types.

This is where a tool that abstracts over these technical details and facilitates their application comes in handy. REST Assured is a high-level DSL for testing REST APIs. It draws upon behaviour-driven development (BDD) and hence makes for readable test descriptions.

A typical acceptance test with REST Assured looks like this:

                header("X-Auth-Token", token).
                body("id", equalTo(1)).
                body("username", equalTo(username));

As you can see REST Assured allows you to define test processes in a BDD given-when-then fashion:

  • Given existing conditions
  • when a certain action is triggered
  • then the outcome should be …

With REST Assured you can handle the various concepts that come with REST and HTTP in a consistent and straightforward manner:

  • headers
  • content types
  • preflight requests (OPTIONS) for checking if a particular request is supported
  • HTTP status codes
  • various types of parameters: Form parameters, query parameters, path parameters
  • request bodies

REST Assured is a useful tool that allows you to write functional tests and acceptance tests ensuring that the APIs exposed by your server comply with the protocol defined for them.

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