Learning React Native Through Responsiveness and Instant Feedback

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React Native Express is an interactive guide that enables you to learn React Native right in the browser. Getting started with React Native – and React for that matter – can be quite daunting. While the framework itself isn’t all that difficult to grasp there are quite a few tools like transpilers such as Babel and state management libraries like Redux which are required for getting productive with React Native.

React Native Express attempts to ease you in and make that initial learning curve appear less intimidating. It does so in part by providing an instantly available React Native environment to experiment and play with in your browser. When you edit the sample code the resulting changes will be shown to you right next to the code in a REPL-like manner.

I think this approach is the way forward for software creation tools and teaching tools in particular. You can only really learn how to create something – using code in this instance – by getting your hands dirty, trying out different things and seeing the results, the faster the feedback cycle the better!

If it hadn’t been for the C64’s readily accessible BASIC programming environment and the “View page source” menu entry in early browsers I perhaps wouldn’t have arrived at what I’m doing for a living.

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