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Web development today is characterized by a constant, rapid flow of new frameworks, CSS preprocessors, task runners, package managers, asset pipelines … Angular, Ember.js, Backbone, React, Flux, Grunt, Gulp. Every week or so it seems there’s a new JavaScript framework that does everything better than everything else before. We need to jump ship ever more frequently if we want to keep up and stay on the bleeding edge. There’s constant bickering about which framework is better and which framework du jour everybody should be using this week.

It’s a mess.

What is worse is we don’t seem to care about solutions and goals any more. We’re getting down in this infinite rabbit hole of layers of abstractions piled on each other but we more often than not nowadays seem to miss the boat when it comes to actual innovation and solving real-world problems.

In his talk “Advancing the web without breaking it?” Christian Heilmann talks about these issues and how we might address them. How can we draw upon the actual strengths of the web instead of trying to catch up with mobile platforms? How can we reach ‘dark matter developers’ working at large corporations, who aren’t at the bleeding edge of technology but who have actual real-world business problems to solve? In this talk Christian covers a wide range of topics and tries to answer some of these questions:

Christian Heilmann – Advancing the web without breaking it? – beyond tellerrand Düsseldorf 2015 from beyond tellerrand on Vimeo.

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