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Following up on last week’s post I’ve launched a product site / MVP for EstiMate:

Software development effort estimation probably is one of the more difficult tasks in software development. Even the most experienced engineers’ estimates are off, too every now and then. Being a somewhat disliked task far too often effort estimation is neglected or done in a rather haphazard way.

EstiMate tries to solve this problem with a measurable and reliable method for effort estimation that’s based on actual data from both your previous projects and crowdsourced project data.

It’ll allow you to enter your project details such as number of use cases, database entities and features (authentication, sign-up etc.). Based on these attributes EstiMate will calculate the similarity to other projects (either submitted by yourself or others) and make recommendations regarding your estimate accordingly. If for instance similar projects’ estimates amount to a higher value than the one submitted for your project EstiMate will suggest you raise your estimate, too.

You can have a closer look at Estimate here:

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