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As a sort of follow-up to my post on bizarre, backward paper-based processes I recently doubled down on removing my remaining dependencies on paper and paper-based processes. With an reinvigorated passion for achieving “The Paperless Office ™” I did the following:

  • scan all documents and invoices with PDFScanner (for OSX) and Scanner Pro (for iOS)
  • store all scanned documents in Evernote
  • sign documents with DocuSign
  • have Zapier automatically store all invoices that arrived digitally via eMail in Evernote as well
  • rigorously throw away everything that doesn’t need to be stored for legal reasons or taxes

So far, this has worked out nicely. All my relevant mail, documents and invoices are neatly stored and organized in Evernote. Each document is tagged according to type, date and business. Evernote takes care of OCR-ing and indexing the documents for search. Apart from getting rid of the clutter that naturally comes with keeping pieces of paper around, this effort has vastly improved the efficiency of my organization.

While I’m far from having felt the enormous pain larger organizations must have when dealing with humongous amounts of mail and documents, organizing invoices and important business documents has been a considerable nuisance for me. So far, I’m faring quite well with my newly achieved paperless serenity.

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