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Closely related to the art of the README, keeping a changelog can be tremendously helpful when reviewing or contributing to an existing software project or when trying to decide whether to use a new tool.

keep a changelog by software developer Olivier Lacan is a website that reminds us of the benefits a “curated, chronologically ordered list of notable changes for each version of a project” provides.

Moreover, the website also lists useful guidelines and principles for creating changelogs as well as anti-patterns to avoid when writing a changelog. You can contribute to these dos and don’ts of writing changelogs by
by opening an issue in the project’s GitHub repository.

A changelog makes software and software projects more accessible and easier to use.

Since creating software is a collaborative endeavour and ultimately a people business that depends on efficient communication, making it easier for both users and potential future contributors to understand what has changed in-between various releases and versions of a product or project can’t be appreciated enough.

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