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From crafting new software to refactoring existing applications automated testing is an essential part of professional software development and pivotal to high quality software.

Philip Riecks (one of the other authors of our upcoming eBook Stratospheric – From Zero to Production with Spring Boot and AWS) offers the – aptly named – Testing Spring Boot Applications Masterclass, a comprehensive, in-depth online course on testing Spring Boot Applications.

Currently (as of September 2020), the course consists of more than 90 videos (six hours in total!). It is designed for the course subscriber to follow along and code in parallel with the video content.

The course addresses a variety of subjects such as

  • what and how to test
  • non-trivial test setups
  • the ins and outs of different testing libraries
  • best practices and recipes for testing

and shows how to test various parts of your application such as the database access layer or the web layer.

It covers a wide array of testing libraries ranging from the basics such as JUnit, Mockito, or AssertJ to more specific ones like JSONAssert, LocalStack, or Awaitility.

The course is highly recommended for Spring Boot developers who want to move beyond basic unit testing and get familiar with both best practices and various testing frameworks and approaches.

Again, you can check it out here: Testing Spring Boot Applications Masterclass

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