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Two weeks ago I wrote about working collaboratively on digital whiteboards with Miro.

Since 2017 Google has been selling competitively priced digital whiteboard hardware under its Jamboard brand.

Alongside that hardware product, however, with Google Jamboard there’s a companion software product of the same name as part of Google’s G Suite collection of cloud computing, productivity and collaboration tools.

Although Jamboard, the software, isn’t widely promoted as an independent software product it works perfectly fine as a browser app without the Jamboard hardware.

While not as feature-rich as Miro it comes with the enormous benefit of not requiring registration or any kind of user account. Therefore, Jamboard lends itself to being used in ad hoc online meetings or webinars, where you don’t necessarily know the participants beforehand or where requiring the users to register in advance might be considered too much of a hassle.

Though dedicated whiteboard software providers such as Miro or Mural might offer a richer experience and more sophisticated features Jamboard certainly is up to the task of acting as a backdrop for your creative, collaborative input, too: It comes with sticky notes, image and presentation features as well as basic drawing tools.

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