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2019 seems to have been the year when remote work finally caught on. While not exactly the new default yet it’s not as alien and outré anymore as it used to be just a few years ago. Today, instead of being ridiculed or looking into bewildered faces proponents of remote work are usually taken seriously. You’re also far less likely to hear bromides such as “Yeah, we don’t do that here because in-person communication is easier.” (a claim often made but hardly ever substantiated).

Therefore I’d like to mention a few more recent resources that shed light on best practices for remote work or make remote work easier. After all, after centuries of on-site work practices have been firmly established that don’t exactly lend themselves to remote work environments. We therefore need to adapt these practices or do away with pointless, yet inveterate habits entirely if we want a sane work culture and effective work environments to succeed.

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