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Codrops is a blog that shares web design inspiration, trends and techniques.

These days when thinking about your next web application’s design it can be quite tempting to think “Ah, I’ll just use Bootstrap and be done with that.“. Although frameworks such a Bootstrap certainly aren’t a bad start as they provide web apps with a common ground and predictable UI components – a minimum design standard if you will – they are just that: A start. In order to really help your users solve their problems and accomplish their jobs to be done you have to go further and think about how you can provide value in a unique, innovative and usable fashion.

Codrops helps with giving you inspiration about potential solutions to common problems. The authors don’t provide turnkey solutions (source code is available where applicable, though) but try to give you ideas and blueprints as to how to go about particular problems such as search UI (a woefully neglected subject in terms of UI innovation), multi-level menus, zoom or reveal effects

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