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At the very inspiring beyond tellerrand 2014 design conference that took place from 19 – 21 May this year in Düsseldorf (I’ll write another bit or two about this conference in the next few weeks), Chris Coyier (of CSS-Tricks fame) held an interesting talk on Scalable Vector Graphics aptly titled ‘SVG Is For Everybody’.

In this talk Chris explained that although SVG tends to be sidelined it’s quite ready for being used extensively today. To name but a few aspects:

  • SVG allows you to create graphics (such as logos, icons etc.) that scale automatically with the screen size. No more multiple images for different screen resolutions, devices and pixel densities. One SVG file fits all. In a word: True responsiveness!
  • SVG can be used inline in an HTML document. This interesting feature allows you to dynamically manipulate vector graphics with JavaScript and CSS just like you can do with any other DOM object.
  • More robust, accessible and semantically rich than icon fonts.
  • Works in every modern browser. Fallbacks for ancient browsers such as IE 6 through 8 are available.

A full video of his talk is available here.

I couldn’t find a textual summary for his talk at beyond tellerrand but there are a few good ones from An Event Apart in Seattle where he held the same talk:

You can also check out Chris’ article on Using SVG that goes into much more detail.

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