Hemingway: Readibility Scores And Smart Suggestions On Style

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Hemingway is an interesting new web app that not only assigns a score to the readability of your text but also makes smart suggestions regarding how to simplify your text in order to make it more understandable.

Having worked on readability algorithms before I think this is a well-designed take on improving the usefulness of readability scores. Knowing that your text scores high or low in terms of readability only gets you so far.

Hemingway additionally uses colour-coding to make suggestions such as:

  • split sentences
  • use fewer adverbs
  • use simpler phrases
  • use less passive voice

Colour-coding sections of a text that merit improvement both calls for action and helps with recognizing what exactly should be reviewed and in which way a particular arrangement of sentences or better choice of words can help with understanding a text more easily.

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