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Last month I recommended an article by Reda Lemeden about designing for Retina displays.

Today, as a follow-up, if you will, I’d like to suggest reading a how-to by Kyle J. Larson on website optimization for Retina displays. ‘Instant Website Optimization for Retina Displays‘ describes the process of creating and optimizing various website elements such as images, fonts, icons and backgrounds for high-resolution displays.

The author starts off with creating high-density images and continues to outline various optimization tools and techniques. Furthermore, the how-to covers CSS media queries and CSS image-set for delivering different assets to Retina and non-Retina devices in order to optimize download speeds. The use of fonts, font icons and SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) in the context of high-resolution displays is detailed as well.

Each chapter of the how-to is categorized into ‘Must know’, ‘Should know’ and ‘Become an expert’, which allows you to start off with a quick read and delve into greater detail later on.

Overall, ‘Instant Website Optimization for Retina Displays‘ provides a neat overview of tools and techniques for dealing with Retina-optimized website elements.

The how-to is available at Packt Publishing in various eBook formats.

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