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Ich bin selbständiger IT Berater und Unternehmer in der Internet und Software Branche. Ich beschäftige mich mit Design, Enterprise Applikationen, Web Apps und SaaS Produkten. Ich entwerfe und entwickle Business Lösungen und Anwendungen. Ich helfe Unternehmen in Sachen Software Qualität und Wissenstransfer, z.B. mit Angular und Spring Boot.

Aborting UNIX Processes Running Under a Specific TCP Port

Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf English verfügbar.As a longtime UNIX (of the macOS variety) / Linux user, it's kind of embarrassing that only recently I was made aware of this single command (or rather - in a true UNIX fashion: a composition of two commands) that allows you to stop a UNIX process running under a specific TCP port (e.g., a Spring Boot application or an Angular front-end during development) - rather than browsing for that port in a process ... Read more

Jeremy Keith – Declarative Design @ “Stories on the Road”

Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf English verfügbar. More on this idea: Design & Quantum Superposition Read more

Upgrading to Spring Boot 3 Using Spring Boot Migrator

Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf English verfügbar.Even though the upgrade process for Spring Boot 3 is pretty straightforward - in case you need to migrate a more than moderately complex project (or several thereof), upgrading Spring Boot applications indeed can become quite tedious and error-prone, too. To alleviate this potential problem, and in order to automate the Spring Boot upgrade process, there's Spring Boot Migrator. Based on the terrific OpenRewrite toolkit for automated large-scale refactoring efforts, Spring Boot Migrator provides you with ... Read more

JSON Visualization With JSON Crack

Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf English verfügbar.JSON Crack is a JSON visualization solution that allows to generated ad-hoc graph visualizations for your JSON data. While one of the huge advantages of JSON over other data formats certainly is that it's human-readable, more complex JSON documents containing linked data structures can become unwieldy and difficult to understand - at a cursory glimpse, at least. Such situations is where a tool like JSON Crack for visualizing data can come handy. Read more

Spring Boot 3, Spring Security 6, and Angular 15

Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf English verfügbar.Spring Boot is frequently used for business applications conjunction with Angular, with Spring Boot providing REST API endpoints and an Angular app delivering a user front-end on top of those endpoints. To help you get started with that kind of setup, particularly when it comes to the subjects of authentication and authorization and how to keep user data secure between the components involved in such an architecture, these GitHub projects can be quite helpful. All ... Read more

Stratospheric 1.10 Release 🚀

Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf English verfügbar.This week, we published another update to Stratospheric - From Zero to Production with Spring Boot and AWS. This time it’s a pretty big one, as we’ve migrated the Stratospheric sample Todo application to Spring Boot 3.0 and Spring Cloud 3.0. The release of Spring Boot 3.0 marks a new era of developing applications with the Spring Framework. 4.5 years after the release of Spring Boot 2.0, we’re now looking into a bright future and can ... Read more

Rendering on the Web

How to Optimize Your Web Rendering PerformanceWeb rendering performance is an important factor in providing a good user experience. Poor performance can lead to slow page loading times, which can cause users to abandon a website. Optimizing web rendering performance can help ensure that users have a positive experience when visiting a website. The first step in optimizing web rendering performance is to reduce the size of the page. This can be done by compressing images, minifying HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and ... Read more

Stratospheric Online Course Early-Bird Batch #4

Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf English verfügbar.This week, we've released another iteration of the Stratospheric online course. With that release, we've closed our early-bird batch #3 and opened the penultimate batch. The new videos at a glance: Part I: Deploying with AWS Deploying a Network Stack with CDK Deploying a Service Stack with CDK Part II: Spring Boot & AWS Sharing Todos with Amazon SQS and Amazon SES You can find further information about the early-bird program on our website. If you want to get a feel for ... Read more

Bootify: Rapid Prototyping for Spring Boot

Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf English verfügbar.Bootify is a rapid prototyping and code generation tool for Spring Boot that aims at improving developer experience for when getting started with a new Spring Boot application. While of course there is Spring Initializr, which serves a similar purpose, Bootify not just generates a minimal Spring Boot application with the desired dependencies but, on top of that and amongst other features, also adds database schema and model generation, REST API and CRUD capabilities, and ... Read more

Spring Boot 3 Is Now Available

Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf English verfügbar.This week, with Spring Boot 3.0, the long awaited next iteration of Spring Boot has been released. With Spring Boot 3 having been 12 months in the making, GraalVM native image support, which among other aspects allows for much faster application startup times, probably has been the most highly anticipated feature of this next step for Spring Boot. Further new Spring Boot features comprise: a Java 17 baseline improved observability support for Jakarta EE 10 with an EE 9 ... Read more
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