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Ich bin selbständiger IT Berater und Unternehmer in der Internet und Software Branche. Ich beschäftige mich mit Design, Enterprise Applikationen, Web Apps und SaaS Produkten. Ich entwerfe und entwickle Business Lösungen und Anwendungen. Ich helfe Unternehmen in Sachen Software Qualität und Wissenstransfer, z.B. mit Angular und Spring Boot.

Java Digest by Catherine Edelveis: March 2024 Edition

Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf English verfügbar.Java developer and prolific writer Catherine Edelveis has this wonderful - and quite useful - idea of publishing a monthly digest of relevant news, releases, and events in the Java world. You can read the March 2024 edition here. Read more

Developer Experience with Spring Boot on Kubernetes by Thomas Vitale @ Spring I/O 2023

Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf English verfügbar. Read more

The Unknowns of JUnit 5 by Mike Kowalski @ Devoxx France 2022

Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf English verfügbar. Read more

Performance-Oriented Spring Data JPA & Hibernate by Maciej Walkowiak @ Voxxed Days Zürich 2024

Read more

Spring release schedule

Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf English verfügbar.Spring - and Spring Boot in particular - are my main go-to frameworks when it comes to implementing applications and automating processes for both my clients and myself. Additionally, I give courses on Spring Boot and various other Spring-related subjects and I also run "Stratospheric - From Zero to Production with Spring Boot and AWS" (ebook and companion online course). Hence, it's fair to say I'm quite committed to Spring and the Spring community, which ... Read more

Migrating to Java 21 and Spring Boot 3.2

Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf English verfügbar.Last year in December, Pratik Dwivedi of Unlogged posted an informative article on migrating from Java 8/11 to Java 21, and Spring Boot 2 to the latest Spring Boot 3.2, which covers everything from the benefits of that transition (e.g., being able to use GraalVM, Virtual Threads and CRaC and the Spring Framework's new RestClient and observability features) to a checklist and best practices for carrying out such a migration for your applications. Read more

Spring Tip: WebUtils

Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf English verfügbar.Once again, Martin Hock recently published a useful Spring tip; this time about WebUtils, a utility class for working with web-related tasks (e.g., extracting request parameters or retrieving cookies): 🚀 Spring Tip🚀WebUtilsA utility class for working with web-related tasks, such as extracting request parameters, handling multipart requests, and managing cookies. 🔥 #Java— Martin Hock (@mnhocktweets) February 8, 2024 Read more

Good Interface Design: Consistency, Responsiveness & Feedback

Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf English verfügbar.Distinguished computer scientist Ben Shneiderman compiled this tremendously insightful as well as practically useful list of The Eight Golden Rules of Interface Design distilled from his experience and a vast corpus of user interface design with consistency being the first - and arguably most important - of these principles. More than 20 years ago, Joel Spolsky, of Stack Overflow, Microsoft Excel and Trello fame, also identified consistency as a fundamental principle of good UI design ... Read more

Reflectoring: Reactive Architecture with Spring Boot

Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf English verfügbar.Based on asynchronous event processing, message-driven data streams, and non-blocking I/O reactive programming is a popular paradigm for developing web and cloud applications, particularly large-scale and distributed ones using a microservices architecture. Some time ago, I published a tiny introductory post on reactive programming with Spring Boot and Spring WebFlux. Reflectoring has this much more in-depth article on reactive architecture with Spring Boot, which covers everything from building a traditional synchronous-style application, converting such an application ... Read more

Spring Tip: EnvironmentCapable

Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf English verfügbar.Martin Hock recently published this tip about EnvironmentCapable, a Spring interface that provides access to the Spring environment by indicating a component contains and exposes an Environment reference: 🚀 Spring Tip 🚀EnvironmentCapableAn interface that provides access to the Spring environment, allowing you to retrieve properties, profiles, and other environment-related information. 🔥 #Java— Martin Hock (@mnhocktweets) January 24, 2024 Read more
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