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At beyond tellerrand in Düsseldorf in May London-based artist / designer / inventor Dominic Wilcox gave a hilarious talk on his work, which is at the same time ingenious, playful, sometimes ridiculous and always insightful.

Some of his designs include:

  • a pair of shoes with inbuilt GPS to guide the wearer home
  • a stained glass driverless sleeper car, whose exterior is reminiscent of church windows
  • a bread bulb that emanates a warm, fragrant freshly baked bread scent when turned on

Dominic encourages designers to try out quirky, whimsical ideas; to have the courage to truly think out of the box, even if an idea or design might seem downright ridiculous at first; not overthinking each and every idea and trying not to dismiss an idea right away just because it might not serve an immediately clear purpose. If nothing else comes of it, it’ll at least allow your mind to be playful and have additional ideas.

While the complete talk isn’t available as a video stream yet, Dominic’s introductory video is very much worth watching, too:

THE REINVENTION OF NORMAL from Liam Saint-Pierre on Vimeo.

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