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Recently, I’ve read two interesting stories about people who genuinely care about helping others and how as a consequence everyone involved benefits.

One of those articles is titled “How my life was changed when I began caring about the people I did not hire” and describes the outcome of a hiring process. Brooke Allen, the hiring manager, describes how he not just gave feedback to the candidates that ultimately weren’t hired as to how they might improve their skills but actively and in many cases successfully helped them to get other jobs. This experience and the overwhelmingly positive feedback he got inspired him to start No Shortage of Work and Better Work World, two ventures dedicated to improving work culture in general and the hiring process in particular.

The other article is “The Best Entrepreneur I Know“. It describes the author’s relationship with Dennis, the owner of a local barbershop, who became a role model and even something of a father figure to him. Dennis is described as a prime example of leadership: Actively listening to his customers, caring about them and filling a need in the community, all of which are essential aspects of what makes a great entrepreneur and leader.

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