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Arjen Lucassen has a particular talent for not only choosing the best singers for his projects but also for bringing out the best in them. Damian Wilson of Threshold is one of those singers. While his work with Threshold is great already, his performances with Arjen’s Star One and Ayreon are truly marvellous. His voice has once been described as ‘indestructible’ by Arjen. Damian’s masterpiece – in my humble opinion – is ‘And The Druids Turn To Stone’ from the ‘Universal Migrator’ albums, which manages to conjure up images of Salisbury Plain and Stonehenge by the mere power of his voice – suffice it to say, this song takes you places:

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Another great song that features Damian is ‘The Eye of Ra’ by Star One, you might want to check this one out, too:

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