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Political rants

Political rants

There sure is a lot to rant and be angry about concerning this week’s revelations about PRISM and how the US government has been issuing blanket orders to tech companies such as Google, Facebook and Apple requiring them to hand over personal data, effectively allowing agencies like the NSA to spy on all of us.

These events mark a turning point for the way of how citizens are treated by their government and the legal system. While until now the presumption of innocence held, i.e. you were considered innocent until proven otherwise, general surveillance under blanket orders means nothing else but turning this once sacred principle upside down.

Michael Arrington is right in calling the CEOs of those companies out. Larry Page, Mark Zuckerberg and their fellow CEOs cop out where instead they should speak out.

Anyway, as I said there’s plenty to rant about, many people did and will continue to, and rightly so. However, rehashing the same stuff over and over again won’t get us anywhere so I’ll just have someone else do that rant for me. The following video is from 2003 and in that video Alex Jones warns about the very situation we’re in right now:

As much as I dislike his raucous manner and his more recent conspiracy theories about Freemasonry, the Illuminati and whatnot, I can’t help but admire Alex Jones for having mustered the courage to take a stand against the harmful legislation that is Patriot Act I and II and everything that came to pass in the wake of it.

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