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When answering a question on Quora yesterday I stated that although Google’s self-driving cars are a pretty neat idea they are by no means a solution to the commuting problem: People waste countless hours every year while commuting to their workplace.

Though self-driving cars might alleviate this they won’t solve the root problem: Transporting people to their workplaces when there’s technology available that would allow them to work remotely or in fact from any place they’d like to is just wrong. Remote working technology has been around for decades now while self-driving cars for the masses are still mostly science fiction.

It’s our broken work culture that keeps us from fixing this problem. As long as we still think of work in terms of hours spent at an office rather than work getting done we’ll have to deal with congested roads, stressed out people and environmental damage caused by car emissions.

Anyway, Michael Paul replied to my statement: “Yeah, I agree employers can and do keep butts in seat.”

This actually pretty well summarizes a management style that favours people sitting in an office over people getting a job done. So, I think this is what this management style should be called: “Butts In Seats Management”.

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