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I’m an independent IT consultant and entrepreneur in the Internet and software business. I’m interested in design, enterprise applications, web apps and SaaS products. I design and develop business solutions and applications. I help companies in terms of software quality and knowledge transfer, e.g. with Angular and Spring Boot.

Dominic Wilcox: The Reinvention of Normal

At beyond tellerrand in Düsseldorf in May London-based artist / designer / inventor Dominic Wilcox gave a hilarious talk on his work, which is at the same time ingenious, playful, sometimes ridiculous and always insightful. Some of his designs include: a pair of shoes with inbuilt GPS to guide the wearer home a stained glass driverless sleeper car, whose exterior is reminiscent of church windows a bread bulb that emanates a warm, fragrant freshly baked bread scent when turned on Dominic encourages designers to try out ... Read more