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Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf English verfügbar.

Miro is a collaborative whiteboard software that’s ideal for exploring ideas and concepts in a distributed work setting.

Much like a physical whiteboard it lends itself to ideation, brainstorming, design and planning sessions, i.e. work where the structure and nature of the outcome isn’t necessarily known beforehand but rather freeform and loosely structured and the process by which these results are generated isn’t particularly rigid.

Miro provides the user with elements and tools such as sticky notes, freeform drawing, mind maps, grids, and charts that allow you to give shape to your ideas. Multiple users can collaborate on a board simultaneously.

The results of your work can be shared easily via a link or further processed or integrated into workflows with Miro’s API. There are examples and use cases for the latter on their website.

This is where software such as Miro truly comes into its own by not just replacing something from the physical world with a digital representation but by expanding on and going beyond that original metaphor in order to achieve something that isn’t even possible with non-digital tools.

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