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This past three months I have been working with fellow software developers and tech bloggers Tom Hombergs and Philip Riecks on a new project called AWS 101.

So far and for the most part, we’ve been flying under the radar (the project is developed in the open though, see below) but the time has come to give you a little information about what to expect from this.

The basic idea behind AWS 101 is to provide software developers and businesses with basic templates, recipes, building blocks, and overall best practices for developing, deploying, and running a Spring Boot application on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

In order to not just remain in the abstract but rather immediately put these building blocks and templates to use, i.e. eat our own proverbial dog food, we have been developing an example todo application (also see the application folder in the project’s public GitHub repository) as a showcase for how to harness AWS as an application platform.

We will document the process and what we will be – and have already been – learning while going along by way of what in its current incarnation looks like an eBook with chapters on a wide range of topics involved in the development and deployment of such an application. The exact nature of the output is still subject to change while we make progress, though. Maybe, it’ll end up as an interactive course instead. There’s an accompanying website under already, with further information to come in the not too distant future.

Both the development and the writing happens in the open (with the application having been published under the Apache License). The resulting product at some point is likely to be available for purchase. Until that’s the case, feel free to have a look around for, well, free.

As for a timeline, this will be a rather long-running project. So, don’t expect a final result before next year.

If you have any suggestions or ideas for improvements or additional subjects we should cover please let us know by creating an issue in the AWS 101 GitHub repository.

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