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Shadow Gallery – I Believe

Shadow Gallery is one of those lesser known bands in progressive metal that deserve to have made the big time but unfortunately for one reason or another never did. Their most quintessential work so far probably is their 1998 album Tyranny still featuring singer Mike Baker, who unfortunately died in 2008. The album and particular this song I Believe (featuring a well-known guest singer from a highly successful progressive metal band ...) capture ideas and feelings that were prevalent with hackers, civil ... Read more

Cracking the Code – David Jonathan Ross

At this year's beyond tellerrand typeface designer David Jonathan Ross gave an interesting talk about the typography of programming, including its history and the design rationale behind monospace fonts, in his own words hitting the sweet spot that is the nerd trifecta of history, programming and fonts: Cracking the Code - David Jonathan Ross - btconfDUS 2016 from beyond tellerrand on Vimeo. The talk contains a lot of intriguing insights into why programming fonts are designed the way they are, what UX ... Read more

Christopher Murphy: Time + Creativity

In this beyond tellerrand talk designer Christopher Murphy emphasizes the importance of procrastination and reserving time for experimentation and endeavours not directly related to a specific goal at hand: Time + Creativity - Christopher Murphy - btconfDUS 2016 from beyond tellerrand on Vimeo. While procrastination usually is seen as something negative - and in most cases rightfully so - setting aside time for a free flow of thoughts and ideas that's not immediately purpose-driven is an essential part of any creative process ... Read more

72: Easily Predicting Growth Rates

Mathematics undeniably has countless applications that are both intriguing and vital to modern society. It's of pivotal importance in broad areas such as research, innovation, engineering and human progress in general. However, it often seems that maths other than basic arithmetics is of little importance in everyday life, doesn't it? Apart from the obvious, such as all the wondrous contraptions we use every day made possible by modern technology, which in turn by a large part is made possible through solid mathematical foundations, ... Read more

Valleys Of Green And Grey

In the light of recent political events I thought about if and what to write about this whole mess. This writing would've involved copious amounts of insults and swearing. While certainly fun, such an exercise would also have been rather pointless, especially since the Scots are now the official world champions in the art of insulting anyway and expressed their opinions much more eloquently than I ever could. So, instead of a political opinion piece - which I largely try to avoid ... Read more