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Big O Notation: Less Scary Than You Might Think

As a software developer chances are that at some time in your professional life you'll come across a mathematical concept called Big O notation. Now, if you happen to not have a traditional university computer science / maths background, you might have a bit of a hard time grasping the common - usually strictly mathematical - explanations of Big O notation. Big O notation is tremendously useful for reasoning about performance and memory consumption of algorithms. Depending on the exact nature of ... Read more

Security Expert Mario Heiderich About AngularJS and Security

At beyond tellerrand in Düsseldorf this year security expert Mario Heidrich gave a fast-paced - if sometimes too abrasive for my liking - talk about security and AngularJS: This talk contains a lot of useful insights as to what to pay attention to in order to secure your AngularJS applications (or in fact any web application created with a modern JavaScript framework), as well as techniques and approaches security consultants and hackers (both the white and black hat varieties) use in order ... Read more

Dominic Wilcox: The Reinvention of Normal

At beyond tellerrand in Düsseldorf in May London-based artist / designer / inventor Dominic Wilcox gave a hilarious talk on his work, which is at the same time ingenious, playful, sometimes ridiculous and always insightful. Some of his designs include: a pair of shoes with inbuilt GPS to guide the wearer home a stained glass driverless sleeper car, whose exterior is reminiscent of church windows a bread bulb that emanates a warm, fragrant freshly baked bread scent when turned on Dominic encourages designers to try out ... Read more

Follow-up on “Accounting in 2016”

Two months ago, I wrote an article on how accounting in 2016 still is a manual and tedious process. What made me write this article in the first place was the problem that I couldn't automatically get the bank account statements for my business account into my accounting software because my bank's online banking service and my accounting software have incompatible import / export file formats and neither exposes a public API for facilitating communication between and automation of accounting software ... Read more