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(Deutsch) So sollten Freelancer ihre Preise wirklich kalkulieren

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.Vor kurzem machte ein Artikel auf dem Startup Blog Gründerszene die Runde, der behauptet: „So sollten Freelancer ihr Gehalt berechnen“. Darin geht es um den Preis, den Freiberufler in der IT Branche für ihre Leistungen verlangen können. Autor dieses Gastartikels ist Thomas Jajeh, Gründer und Geschäftsführer der Projekt-Vermittlungsplattform Twago. Eigentlich sollte man also meinen, dass hier ein Branchenkenner eine fundierte Analyse und sinnvolle Tipps für Freiberufler liefert. Allerdings verspricht bereits der Titel nichts Gutes. Die ... Read more

UI Design Patterns

UI Patterns is an extensive library of user interface design patterns by Danish web developer Anders Toxboe. This website is a collection of tried and tested best practices in UI design. Although the site focusses on web applications and websites most of its practices apply to user-facing software in general. Best practices and design patterns allow us to draw upon proven methods - of user interaction in this case - instead of having to re-invent the wheel (which itself is an ... Read more


Last week, I met with a few friends for an evening of 80s retro computing - or retro gaming to be specific. We set up an Amiga 500 and a C64 and played classic games like Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge, Dynablaster, Sensible Soccer, California Games and International Karate. It was great fun. Retro gaming of course is a lot about nostalgia but there's also something about many of these games that hasn't been achieved in many modern video games anymore: Instead of ... Read more

Varying Degrees Of Software Quality And What To Do About It

When working on client projects I come across copious amounts of source code, which sometimes is very well-maintained, sometimes less so. The various code bases are as diverse as their owners and respective stakeholders: A few come with an inherent sense of quality, lots of unit tests serving as the specification for the product. They're typically delightful to maintain and extend. Some though at times leave the impression of having been cobbled together in a rather haphazard, impromptu manner in order to solve ... Read more