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Web Summit 2015 in Dublin

A few weeks ago I've been to beautiful, vibrant Dublin for this year's Web Summit. Web Summit - self-proclaimed (and from what I've seen and experienced quite rightfully so) "world’s greatest tech fest" - is a 3-day event packed to the brim with a huge variety of talks and presentations on different tracks such as Design Summit, Enterprise Summit and Health Summit. Besides, there's a vast number of startups both pitching on a fewer smaller stages and presenting their respective products ... Read more

spaCy – A fast natural language processing library

spaCy is a rather new library (written in Python and Cython) for performing various NLP-related tasks such as tokenization, POS-tagging and syntactic parsing. The authors claim it's faster (in some cases a lot faster) than other common solutions such as NLTK or Stanford's CoreNLP and peer reviews seem to corroborate these claims. spaCy is English-only for now. If you're working on performance-intensive NLP tasks and if that's no deal-breaker for you might want to check it out. The source code is available ... Read more

Fonts in use: Typefaces in the wild

I like the simple elegance of type, the multitude of typefaces - from very ancient to very modern - available today and the vast range of intent, identity, tone and voice typefaces allow you to convey. I think you could say I'm fond of fonts (though as any type nerd will tell you there's a subtle, yet distinct, though today not anymore relevant difference between the two) ... Seeing fonts in use in the wild is really intriguing because it shows what ... Read more

How to succeed in business as an introvert

In this article entrepreneur Michael Shreeve provides an interesting "Introvert’s Guide To Success In Business". The cliché of a typical entrepreneur still is something like an alpha-type salesperson who's always on the phone, in sales meetings or otherwise presenting and selling his or her product. While it's absolutely true that as an entrepreneur you always have to be selling to succeed there are many different approaches of doing so. Don't do things that don't work for you just because you feel obligated by ... Read more

Rachel Nabors: Animating the User Experience

In this talk interaction developer and cartoonist Rachel Nabors explains the six components of motion design and how to apply those in order not to make your UI just flashy (or should I say "gaudy"?) but to actually create a better user experience and make use of animation to support your website's or application's intent: Read more