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Today I made ZenQuery available as open source (under the Apache License).

ZenQuery is an ‘Enterprise Backend as a Service’ and allows you to easily access databases through a REST API without any programming knowledge required. Get SQL result sets as JSON, XML or CSV data, which can easily be processed by tools such as MS Excel or in your own applications.

ZenQuery provides you with an instant REST API for your SQL queries. Anything that can be expressed by SELECT * FROM … ZenQuery turns into a conveniently accessible API. It allows you to access result sets from a relational database as JSON, XML or CSV data, which in turn can easily be processed by tools such as MS Excel or in your own applications.

Please check out the source code in the ZenQuery repository at GitHub:

The UI source code is available here:

Why did I release ZenQuery as open source software?

I still think ZenQuery is a viable product. However, marketing this product has been rather difficult. After all, an enterprise backend as a service is no general purpose tool that needs no explanation such as a database system or an application server. The customer requirements for such a product are quite diverse and very much depend on the particular company’s environment.

Making ZenQuery available as open source software hopefully allows potential customers to review the code and make changes as necessary.

Moreover, I believe in the open source idea. The ability to use and build upon open source software allows us to create great products and accomplish feats of engineering we wouldn’t be capable of on our own.

That said I have not abandoned marketing ZenQuery: If you need a commercial license, technical support or help with the implementation please contact me.

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  1. Gerry Christiansen January 7, 2015 at 9:30 pm

    Thanks for making this open source. I’ve been looking for a solution like this for some time!

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