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Threshold: Unforgiven

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Apple, Google, Microsoft – What do they do best?

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently made some interesting points about what he thinks are the core strengths of Microsoft and its competitors Apple and Google. Though I can't really say I particularly like Microsoft products or would use them as a platform or tools for my own products there's some truth to these statements: "Whereas in our case our identity really is about empowering others to build products." "[ ... ] we want to be the tools provider, the platform provider [ ... ]" Google, ... Read more

Culture is key

Brian Chesky, co-founder and CEO of Airbnb recently wrote a post about why culture is the most key part of a company (and quite likely of any organization). He quotes Peter Thiel, one of the investors in Airbnb, on the questions of what's his most important piece of advice: "Don’t fuck up the culture." Brian goes on to elaborate that "culture is simply a shared way of doing something with passion". No matter how a product, business or business model might change in the ... Read more

Airtable – A true spreadsheet / database hybrid?

Lots of the software of the world is written in Microsoft's Excel. A spreadsheet environment lends itself particularly well to addressing everyday computing problems. Compiling tabular data, creating connections between particular pieces of that data, condensing and aggregating over a dataset's values. These are common tasks a spreadsheet solves very well with no need for complex database or application server software. A spreadsheet is a flexible tool that provides simple, responsive and instant feedback to data input and algorithm changes. However flexible, ... Read more

Voyager: Hyperventilating

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