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How the Singularity Might Actually Look Like

Scott Adams of Dilbert fame recently posted an intriguing article on how the robots will take over (to be taken with a pinch of salt, of course). His point is this. Assuming that the singularity indeed is near and ruling out any Terminator Skynet scenarios - because those are boring and inefficient: How might the first post-singularity artificial intelligence try to control its environment both for its own benefit and humanity's - assuming that there's some sort of incentive or inherent moral imperative ... Read more

ZenQuery 1.0 is available today!

A few weeks ago I wrote about a new product I'm currently developing: ZenQuery, an Enterprise Backend as a Service. I’m pleased to announce the first public version of ZenQuery today. Since the first public announcement regarding ZenQuery roughly 30 days ago we’ve been busy working on this release. Today, you’ll be able to try out ZenQuery 1.0 yourselves on your own server and environment. I really hope you like what we’ve got for you so far. For more information please have a ... Read more


As innovative apps and business models go on a personal level Spotify is one of those innovations that in recent years not only provided a lot of value to me but also quite fundamentally changed an important aspect of my life: Listening to music. I happen to be a music buff with a penchant for Progressive Rock, Power Metal alongside folk metal / medieval stuff, computer games themes and occasionally interesting, novel pop music. Music streaming and discovery tool Spotify has allowed me ... Read more

A Comprehensive Website Checklist

Under Box UK provides a very useful checklist for website launches and updates. Typography, testing, SEO, security: This checklist has you covered for all those important and seemingly trivial aspects to keep in mind when launching and maintaining a website. Read more

Help Me Help You Dinner

Some time ago I read about an interesting concept called The Help Me Help You Dinner by Rand Fishkin. He describes this idea in a lot more detail but in a nutshell it is this: Find roughly 10 people in your geographic region who are first or second degree connections on your personal network. Choose people that you think both you can help with something and that might be able to help you in return today or in the future. Find a restaurant ... Read more