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Self Licking Ice Cream Cones

Chris Granger of LightTable fame has posted an insightful article on how better programming tools might come about. He argues that 'programming should be about solving problems' and that ideally 'programming is our way of encoding thought such that the computer can help us with it' but along the way we - as programmers - somehow lost these notions and in our daily work we predominantly deal with marginal problems, problems which are incidental to the problem we were trying to solve ... Read more

(Deutsch) Telefondesinfizierer

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.»Ja, also schön«, nahm er den Faden wieder auf, »die Idee war, daß in das erste Raumschiff, die Arche A, all die genialen Führungspersönlichkeiten kommen sollten, die Wissenschaftler, die bedeutenden Künstler, verstehen Sie, die großen Macher; und ins dritte Schiff, die Arche C, kamen alle Leute, die die ganze Arbeit machen, die die Sachen tun und die Dinge machen; und schließlich in die Arche B - das sind wir - kamen alle übrigen: Filmproduzenten, Telefondesinfizierer, Frisöre, ... Read more

Hemingway: Readibility Scores And Smart Suggestions On Style

Hemingway is an interesting new web app that not only assigns a score to the readability of your text but also makes smart suggestions regarding how to simplify your text in order to make it more understandable. Having worked on readability algorithms before I think this is a well-designed take on improving the usefulness of readability scores. Knowing that your text scores high or low in terms of readability only gets you so far. Hemingway additionally uses colour-coding to make suggestions such as: split ... Read more

Resources For SaaS Businesses And Enterprise App Developers

SaaS Club is a new website that keeps track of relevant resources for SaaS businesses and developers. These resources are organized both in categories such as 'product', 'metrics' and 'sales' and according to their target audience, e.g. 'developers & designers' or 'managers & product people'. Enterprise App Developer Atlas is an 'interactive map of the developer journey', i.e. it's a catalogue of tools for enterprise web app development. Tools are organized according to product phases and aspects such as API, testing, deployment ... Read more

Screw paper!

As a sort of follow-up to my post on bizarre, backward paper-based processes I recently doubled down on removing my remaining dependencies on paper and paper-based processes. With an reinvigorated passion for achieving "The Paperless Office ™" I did the following: scan all documents and invoices with PDFScanner (for OSX) and Scanner Pro (for iOS) store all scanned documents in Evernote sign documents with Read more