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Unicorns And Revolutions

History is filled with two types of people: the ones that want to maintain a comfortable status quo and the ones that want to move humanity forward. In a recent article Jan Lehnardt calls for rethinking and in fact revolutionizing business culture. He makes a few good points. You really should read the whole article. However, in a nutshell its message is this: Throughout history there are those who try to maintain the current status quo for their own good. On the other hand, ... Read more

(Deutsch) Von Jugendwahn und Altersstarrsinn

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.Es scheint seit jeher Sitte zu sein, dass sich die Alten in einer Gesellschaft über die faule und nichtsnutzige Jugend ärgern. Das Gejammer über die arbeitsscheue und hedonistische Jugend ist groß: "Die heutige Jugend kann sich nur noch amüsieren und hält nichts von Arbeit." "Die heutige Jugend beschäftigt sich nur noch mit Videospielen." "Die heutige Jugend treibt sich nur noch auf Facebook rum." "Wir leben in einer Spaßgesellschaft." Wer kennt solche oder ähnliche inhaltsleere Sprüche nicht? Zudem wird der ... Read more

Outside the box

"Thinking outside the box" "I'm an outside-the-box thinker" Most of us have heard those phrases or variations thereof. It's one of those empty clichés you see on CVs, alongside other meaningless bullshit like a 'well-rounded character' in 20-year-olds - whatever that's supposed to mean. Aside from being an empty buzzword, what does thinking outside the box actually mean? It basically means leaving well-trodden paths when approaching a problem. Most people like to see themselves as creative problem solvers, while - as a matter of ... Read more

Exploring Stereotypes With Google Autocomplete

This post by Facebook engineer Stoyan Stefanov suggests Google Autocomplete as a fun way for exploring clichés about nations: A friend was suggesting that one can easily list the most popular stereotypes about a nation. With a little help from a friend – Google autocomplete. Simply type “why are the [nationality X] so …” in the old search box and enjoy. It turns out that this actually works pretty well: Read more

Great Rock Singers: Encore with Meat Loaf and Ronnie James Dio

OK, this article isn't in the praise of one singer but actually about two of the greatest voices in the Rock business, one of which sadly enough sings no more: Read more