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(Deutsch) SEPA: Nutzerfreundliche Eingabe von IBAN und BIC

Sorry, this entry is only available in German. Read more

Great Rock Singers: Roy Khan

Well, what can I say about Khan? The epitome of theatrical performance. Such versatility and range. A warm baritone timbre: Read more

Named Entity Recognition: Tools And APIs

Named entity recognition is a subtask of information extraction. It deals with extracting the names of persons, organizations, locations, expressions of times, quantities, monetary values, percentages etc. from unstructured or semi-structured data such as eMails or web pages. These are few useful tools and APIs that provide named entity recognition functionality: AlchemyAPI: REST API that provides a number of natural language processing (NLP) and information extraction features DPpedia Spotlight: Automatically links DPpedia resources OpenCalais: NLP API / web service by Thomson Reuters Read more

Designing For User Delight

Adam Berrey wrote a nice article about why a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) often falls short of meeting users' needs. He argues that by focussing on a product's gestalt (its core features and experience, i.e. its essential characteristics, such as Google's search bar or Facebook's friends feed), design and quality truly successful product designs delight the user to a degree he or she falls in love with the product. Read more