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Great Rock Singers: Damian Wilson

Arjen Lucassen has a particular talent for not only choosing the best singers for his projects but also for bringing out the best in them. Damian Wilson of Threshold is one of those singers. While his work with Threshold is great already, his performances with Arjen's Star One and Ayreon are truly marvellous. His voice has once been described as 'indestructible' by Arjen. Damian's masterpiece - in my humble opinion - is 'And The Druids Turn To Stone' from the 'Universal ... Read more


Today's autumn equinox, which made me remember a speech from the terrific, yet unfortunately short-lived TV series called Space: Above and Beyond. Though corny in its 'We're going into battle tomorrow morning." kind of way back then it made quite an impression on me and still does: Read more

Great Rock Singers: Matthew Barlow

In my little series about rock singers I consider to be truly great I just can't help but mention Matthew Barlow, who had sort of an on again off again relationship with Iced Earth in the recent years. Regardless, Matt Barlow displays an awesome technique and versatility. He's one of the few bass-baritone singers in the rock and metal genre: Finally, you might also want to listen to this great rendition of 'The Star-Spangled Banner' by Matthew Barlow (who at this time ... Read more

Practical Typography

Under Butterick's Practical Typography you'll find a highly interesting, comprehensive online book by Matthew Butterick about typography and how to put it to use. The book can be read for free. However, the author suggests a variety of ways of paying him for his work. So, if you find this resource as useful as I do, please don't hesitate to compensate the author for his efforts so he'll be able to keep up his great work. Read more

(Deutsch) TimeSheets: Stundenzettel für mite.

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.TimeSheets ist ein Tool, das mit mite erfasste Zeiten tabellarisch darstellt. Nach der Eingabe des mite Kontonamens und API Keys können Zeiten nach Projekten und Zeitraum abgefragt werden. TimeSheets basiert auf Bootstrap 3 und AngularJS mit verschiedenen Erweiterungen für i18n, localStorage und Co. TimeSheets kann unter genutzt werden. Der Source Code ist unter verfügbar. Read more

(Deutsch) MemoEasy – Termine online buchen

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.Terminausfälle sind für viele Unternehmen ein erhebliches Problem. Ärzte, Friseure, Versicherungsmakler - für diese Dienstleister und in vielen weiteren Branchen läuft ein Großteil des Geschäftes über vorab vereinbarte Termine ab. Nicht wahr genommene Termine sind daher nicht nur ärgerlich, sondern führen auch zu teils erheblichen Umsatzeinbußen. Solche Umsatzausfälle müssen dann erst einmal wieder aufgefangen werden. Ausgefallene Termine können kurzfristig nicht wieder neu vergeben werden. Oft werden Termine einfach deswegen nicht wahr genommen, weil Kunden ... Read more

Great Rock Singers: Zak Stevens

Having started this little series on great rock singers with James LaBrie naming him as my all-time favourite I must now admit that actually Zak Stevens of Savatage fame comes close to that status. Also being a very talented, technically apt singer, Zak was lucky to be lead singer for Savatage during the better part of the nineties - a band that was both well-known for the awesome feel for melody as well as an unfortunate tendency to be inexplicably underestimated ... Read more